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    [READ ME] Rules, FAQ and Server IP

    This thread is a read-me for this server. It is important that you familiarise yourself with it. The rules are obviously important to know: there aren't many and most are common sense in keeping with the Kingdom vs Kingdom style we have.

    1. Rules: The rules governing the server. Please don't break them.
    2. Server IP and Important Links: some useful links that will help you understand the server
    3. Potions/Enchanting Info: Potions and Enchants are not balanced for PvP by Mojang. We have had to remove most of these to make sure PvP doesn't become a grind-fest. Here is the info.
    4. You can get a faction forum for free, as long as they are being used. Activity will be gauged on just that, activity. As long as your forum is being used we will continue to offer it to you, however if a week goes by without it being used the forum will be deactivated. It will also be limited to factions with a minimum of 5 people. If you require an additional forum you can request one, however the rules on activity will apply. If your forum is deactivate you can reactivate it for a fee of 4000$ in game.


    1. The Minecraft IP for the PvP server is:

    2. PvP Server Plugin Commands List a complete list of all commands for plugins used on the PvP Server.

    3. PvP Server Guide, a guide to how plugins work, including their most important/common commands. Full list of all commands is available with the above link.

    4. PvP Dynmap.

    5. Recipe Changer

    Rules and Regulations

    Summary Statement (IMPORTANT)

    This is a server meant for Kingdom vs Kingdom-style PvP and the spirit of this will be enforced. It is expected that you will come here wanting to build a Kingdom and be willing to fight for it and other Kingdoms. This means you will claim and make use of land as part of a faction, allowing for wars to be fought by and against you over this land or other prizes. If you declare war or repeatedly provoke one whilst hiding behind a hidden base, moderation will act as it sees fit in regard to publishing your coordinates.

    It is expected that you will play fairly within the spirit of the server:

    -You will have to claim land before declaring war on another faction.
    -You will not claim lands purely to allow you to attack other people while leaving your own property undeveloped.

    The server is semi-griefing enabled: Land is protected when at peace, only when at war will enemies be able to grief. Please note that any buildings on un-owned land is not protected under these griefing rules. If you do not own the land, it is fair game. Build on Wilderness land at your own risk.

    This rule is somewhat flexible in nature: if a faction's base is mostly claimed and they're working on claiming the rest then it will be regarded as being protected under griefing rules, additionally if a structure is partially claimed the parts of it that are not yet claimed are not open to griefing.

    If you feel a faction is trying to abuse this by partially claiming bases and never bothering to claim all of it, let an admin know.

    Admins can and will, through plugins, quickly repair instances where someone takes griefing too far during a war. People who repeatedly cross the line will be punished.

    General server rules

    • Do not use any client side modifications that allow you to hack or gain an unfair advantage over players on the server. If you are found using a mod that isn't allowed on the server it will result in an immediate and indefinite ban from the server, excuses such as you were "testing" or "seeing if it works" will be ignored. If you suspect another player of unfair play you are encouraged to report it immediately. Benefiting from another players cheating will result in you being an accomplice and also receiving the equal punishment. (This includes X-Ray of ANY kind)
    • Do not glitch into bases you would otherwise not be able to get into playing fairly, this includes block jumping into bases, and breaking blocks while enemies are offline to see what is behind the block.
    • Do not destroy mob spawners in claimed land, and do not destroy blaze spawners regardless if it is or is not claimed.
    • Do not use multiple profiles to play on the server, play under one account name on this server.
    • Permanent redstone clocks are banned, any redstone clock created will be removed. Redstone clocks can be made if they are disabled when not in use.
    • You will not excessively grief other factions land, you break blocks to break through defenses and to fight, not simply to annoy them. This includes live stock, you can only kill live stock that are in claimed land if you have declared war on that faction. Randomly killing other factions livestock that are in claimed land is unacceptable.
    • You are not to setup siege works outside of enemy land while they're offline, you're also not allowed to siege enemy land while they're offline. Forts outside enemy claims which do not help to attack an enemy's structure/base are acceptable.
    • You will not excessively use obsidian to create ridiculous walls in order to make impenetrable rooms or forts. You are to make obsidian walls in a checkered pattern and it must have some sort of entrance.
    • Do not completely block off Nether Portals, people need to be able to step out and back into it because of glitches that occur when logging off inside a portal.
    • Do not log off in claimed enemy territory, this leads players to login/spawn camping situations which results in highly undesirable game play and not part of fair play.
    • Do not log off in the middle of a fight, if an enemy can see your name tag you are not allowed to simply log off. This rule also applies when you are in the line of sight of a player who is at war with you. Also as rule of thumb, you still count as "fighting them" if they're chasing you, or if they're at your base. On occasion, mods/admins will demand that you return to the field of battle; if you refuse, you will be jailed/banned for a number of days. If you're in your own claimed land that they cannot hurt you in and you're not at war with anyone but there is a neutral player outside of your claimed land, you may log off. If you had just died and you cannot move because there is an enemy next to your spawn, you may log off.
    • Do not spawn kill other players, if a player was just killed and is at their bed then you may not kill them. If they walk around, try to attack you, open a chest, or try to escape you are allowed to kill them at their bed. For further clarification on when you can kill a player at their bed you should contact a PvP Server moderator ingame or on the forums via pm.
    • Do not abuse manpower, this includes: Having teammates who are inactive login for 30 seconds a day to prevent manpower decay, asking members to not login so that you can fight the enemy alone.
    • Do not actively attack people in a war if you are not able to be warred yourself. This means if you are in a less than 5 man faction or not in a faction at all.

    Remember that the spirit of the server is about fair play and honest fights. Fight fairly, die fairly if needs be, don't abuse the tools we give you for convenience. I recommend reading the FAQ Section 4: Fighting Wars. It explains some common things you might encounter during wars and how to deal with them, such as TNT cannons, spawn camping and looting enemy bases.

    Banned Enchantments and Potions
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    Banned Enchantments

    All enchantments, excluding the ones listed below have been removed/banned:

    Bane of Arthropods
    Blast Protection
    Feather Falling
    Silk Touch
    Aqua Affinity

    Enchanted Golden Apples are banned too.


    The only allowed potions at the moment are:

    • Fire Resistance potions (Splash)
    • Night Vision potions

    The following potions are banned:

    • All Health potions
    • All Regeneration potions
    • All Strength potions
    • All Weakness potions
    • All Poison potions
    • All Harm potions
    • All Potions of Swiftness
    • Invisibility Potions

    These are banned by plugin, if the plugin malfunctions, these potions are still banned, and action will be taken by the Mods if you try to use them

    Guides for various things:

    Divided into these categories:

    I. Server Staff and how to talk to them
    II. Plugin/Server Commands
    III. How Our System/Plugins Work
    IV. Fighting Wars
    V. Making Money

    I. Server Staff
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    Q. Who are the server staff?
    A. Remlap runs the Servers and SonofPeverel is Head of Moderation; all admins may moderate should the need arise. The Server Moderation team is as follows: Maxeth_, Strawbeez, teasschen, DodgyInternet, Ditronian, Keelpenguino
    Q. What do moderators do on the server?
    Moderators will moderate chat, handle reports made, and watch the server (sometimes whilst being invisible) to keep it safe from evildoers!
    Q. Who do I speak to about X?
    A. Speak to a Moderator if you have any ingame problems (stuck, fell out the world, found something you think is broken, think someone is cheating, etc). They will either try to fix it or pass you on to someone who can help. Speak to AtlasJacka if you think a Moderator is abusing their power on the server: as Head of PVP Server Moderation he will investigate this and is responsible for the Moderators. Speak to Remlap if you feel you cannot speak to AtlasJackal.

    Q. Can I join staff?
    A. We recruit when we feel we need more Staff. You can state your interest in a position on the PvP Server Staff by speaking to AtlasJackal and we will consider you closely when we next decide we need an additional Moderator. If you are able to write Java code, please speak to Remlap. People who wish to be forum moderators may speak with SonofPeverel and Hawk_345 should be contacted about joining Content. If you're interested in joining another server staff you should contact Remlap.

    II. Plugin/Server Commands
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    Q. How do I work Factions?
    A. This guide will assume the following: Your faction is called France, you are called Bob, your friend is called Tom, and there is a rival faction called England.

    "/f create France" will create your faction.
    "/f invite Tom" will invite Tom to it.
    "/f join France" will accept the invite after Tom is invited.
    "/f officer Tom", "/f leader Tom" makes Tom either an Officer or Leader in the faction. There can be only one Leader. Officers can claim/unclaim land, change relations with other factions, and change the faction name or description.
    "/f ally England", "/f enemy England", "/f neutral England", sets the faction called England as an ally, enemy or neutral. When at war, both factions must agree to be neutral before they become neutral. At all times, both factions must agree to be allies before they become allies. "Agree" here means both factions type the /f neutral or /f ally commands for each other.

    "/f show France" will give faction details
    "/f desc Vive la France!" will set the faction description to "Vive la France!"

    "/f claim" will claim whatever chunk you are standing on for your faction.
    "/f sc" will show you an outline of the chunk you are standing on.

    "/f power Bob" will show Bob's current manpower.
    "/ch f", "/ch a", "/ch g" These enter chat channels. f - Faction only mode, a - Allies only mode (also visible to your factionmates), g - Global mode (visible to all)

    "/f list" shows a list of all factions. If the list has more than 1 page, use "/f list 2", "/f list 3", and so on.
    "/f help" is an ingame guide showing every command available. This guide has listed the most commonly used ones.

    Q. Any other commands to know?
    A. "/tell playername message" sends a message to that player that only they will see. Eg "/tell poach Your FAQ sucks" will send that message to only Poach. The player must be online for this to work. Using "/r " will allow you to respond to the last person who messaged you privately.
    Hold tab to see a list of everyone that is online.

    III. How Our System/Plugins Work
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    We have two very unique plugins working on this server: our modded factions, and armour.


    Our factions works differently to normal factions. Here are the main differences:

    1. When you go to war, your power stops increasing. When you die, you lose 25 power, and you do not get it back until you are at peace again. This means that in war, every death counts. Maximum power is 200, minimum is -400. This gives you 8 deaths until 0, 24 until -400.

    2. You cannot claim enemy chunks until their maximum manpower is below their total current claims. This means most wars are fought on the battlefield and only after consistent success will one faction be able to conquer another.

    3. Re-read the PvP-specific rules. We allow griefing, within reason, during wars. Don't grief just to damage things.


    Putting on armour gives you the following effects:

    Diamond - Weakness II
    Iron - Strength I
    Chainmail - Strength I, Swiftness I
    Leather - Strength I, Swiftness I, Regeneration I

    We have tried to move away from Diamond being the King of Armour, because wars were lasting only as long as a faction had diamond armour, and it had become a "grind-to-win" game with whoever had the most armour to spare generally winning wars.

    With these enchants, the following is observed:

    - Iron beats Diamond in a Sword fight
    - Diamond beats Iron in an archery fight
    As such, Diamond wearers who can successfully hit an Iron-wearing attacker with a few arrows before he closes in will win. If an Iron-wearer can get into sword range without taking several arrows, he will win. This is much more balanced and, though Diamond can still be argued to have a slight advantage, it is now only slightly superior to Iron and only under certain circumstances. In all this makes wars far more balanced and removes much of the "grind-to-win" problem.

    - Leather is the scouts armour. You won't get caught by the other two armours and with Regen I will survive a few arrow hits while escaping. This is the armour for those who want to escape or who don't want to be caught. It is also useful for breaking blocks in enemy land.

    IV. Fighting Wars
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    Warfare System: Provinces and Wargoals

    The world is now divided into provinces. You can claim these provinces using the prestige system. For this post I'll call claiming a province in the prestige system a "prestige claim".

    Provinces come in two types: Heartland and Border.

    Anyone can build and claim in Border provinces. Only the owner can build and claim in Heartland provinces.

    Heartlands provinces benefit from two protections: They can't be picked as war targets (read below), and no one else can build in them or make a prestige claim on them while they're Heartlands provinces.

    A province is your Heartland province when 1. You have a prestige claim on every province around it (doesn't need to be uncontested) and 2. You have the only prestige claim in the province (does need to be uncontested).

    Here's a handy map. The provinces with white dots in them are Heartland provinces. You can see that Red Faction controls every province around the provinces that are Heartlands. You can see Yellow does too, even if Blue has a competing claim. As mentioned, the claims don't need to be uncontested to count, you only need uncontested claims to create Heartlands provinces. If yellow were to lose their claim in that contested province, the Heartlands province right next door would stop being a Heartlands province, because Yellow no longer controls all the provinces around it.

    Wars: Declaring them and after them

    Wars now come in three types: Claim Province, Expel from Borders, and Vassalise.

    - Vassalise is easy enough: if you win, you get a vassal.
    - Claim Province is also easy enough: Pick a province to go to war for and if you win you get all your enemy's chunks in it.
    - Expel from Borders is a bit more complex. Here's an example that explains it best:

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    - The Brotherhood and the Dwarves live side by side.
    - On monday, the Dwarves build in and prestige claim Provinces 1 and 2. The Brotherhood build in and prestige claim Provinces 3, 4 and 5.
    - On tuesday, the Brotherhood build in and prestige claim Provinces 1 and 2.
    - On wednesday, the Dwarves build in and prestige claim Provinces 3, 4 and 5.
    - In an "Expel from Borders" war, the Brotherhood can kick the Dwarves out of provinces 3, 4 and 5 in a single war because the Brotherhood prestige claimed them first.
    - Similarly, if the Dwarves declare an "Expel from Borders" war, they can kick the Brotherhood out of Provinces 1 and 2 in a single war because the Dwarves prestige claimed them first.

    This war goal serves an important purpose: It would be very easy for the Dwarves to decide "lol, lets prestige claim tons of Brotherhood border provinces because they can only kick us out of 1 at a time!", so this war goal lets the Brotherhood defend their territory on a larger scale against single enemies trying to move in on lots of Brotherhood provinces.

    As you can see, Expel is a very powerful tool if used correctly. It lets you protect your claimed territory by kicking your chosen enemy out of any provinces that your prestige claim to is older than theirs.

    Next up is the victory conditions. You need to make your enemy go below a certain % manpower before you go below 10% above that to win, the specifics are....
    - If you're attacking a province connected to one you already have a prestige claim in (or you have a prestige claim in the province you're fighting for), your enemy has to fall below 30% manpower before you fall below 40% manpower for you to win.
    - If you're attacking a province not connected to one you already have a prestige claim in, your enemy has to hit 0% before you hit 10% for you to win.
    - You therefore get a choice: pay $20,000 for 15 chunks and make a prestige claim before attacking, or fight a longer war without having to build anything.
    - There is also the option to submit to an enemy's wargoal by using the "Submit to Wargoal" where an opposing side can accept a wargoal being put upon them. This will be restricted so that it can only take place when neither party is at war with a third party.

    The final important aspect is the 1-week "grace period". After a war, the winner (the faction that got the province) can't unclaim or edit their conquered structures for 1 week. In addition, the loser (the faction kicked out of the province) can't build or claim in that province for a week. Why, you ask? It lets the loser have a brief chance to declare war for their stuff back, and it also stops the loser making some crap 15-claim fort 10 minutes after they lost the war and plopping another prestige claim down. Without this, Heartlands provinces would be unattackable forever.

    Leet Paint Skillz

    I've made some flowcharts that will help guide you to answers if you're confused:

    War Types:

    Heartland Yes/No?

    Can I build/claim in this province?

    Now that you're all suitably impressed by my first rate paint skillz, here's the Q&A.

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    Q. So if I win the war, my enemy is forced to give me all the chunks he has in the province I declared war for? I don't need to do the old-fashioned way of claiming them myself?
    A. Yes, under this system the defeated party is compelled to unclaim their structures and give them to you.

    Q. What if I decide I don't want their structures?
    A. You need to keep them for a week, then you can unclaim them or destroy them, your choice.

    Q. There's a faction living in a province and I want to kick them out, but they're not claiming prestige from it. Can I attack them anyway?
    A. Yes: not having a prestige claim doesn't make you safe from being attacked. All provinces not being prestige claimed are counted as "Borderlands", and are legitimate war targets.

    Q. What's the point of not making a prestige claim, then?
    A. A larger, more powerful faction may be willing to let you live in a province they have a prestige claim on as long as you promise not to challenge that. If they continue to get the prestige from that province they should have little reason to kick you out of it. No guarantees, though...

    Q. I've made no prestige claims. How do I know which of my provinces are "heartlands", and thus safe from being attacked?
    A. None of them are Heartlands, in that case. All are vulnerable. You should claim territory to protect yourself: the only reason you won't be making prestige claims is if you have the protection of a bigger faction and are living in their prestige claims. If that is the case, you should be seeking protection from them as vassals or allies.

    Q. Do oceans count as provinces? I've claimed an island, is it a heartland?
    A. The entire map is covered in provinces. The oceans are included in many of these. You'll have to control them, too. Note that you can build flying and/or underwater if you want, you don't have to stick to islands.

    Q. One of my Border provinces has recently become a potential Heartlands province because I've claimed all the provinces around it, but there are enemy buildings and prestige claims still in it from before I controlled all the provinces around it. Now what? Can I officially declare it a Heartlands province or not?
    A. You need to clear all enemy prestige claims out before it becomes a Heartlands province. You need to be the only faction in there.

    Q. I have no claims at all in Province Z, but Faction B does and it's not one of their Heartlands provinces. Can I declare war for it, even though I have nothing in it?
    A. Yes.

    Q. I've just been kicked out of a border province and that's made one of my Heartlands province no longer a Heartlands province. What's stopping me just making 15 claims and building a crappy fort in that province the day after I lose to get my Heartlands province back as a Heartland?
    A. The grace period: you need to wait 1 week before being allowed to build or claim in a province you just lost.

    Q. I am faction C and I live in Province 1. Factions A and B also live here. Faction A just beat Faction B in a war and their wargoal was this province. Do I need to give Faction A my chunks too?
    A. No, you need to be beaten in your own war for that to happen. Faction A gets Faction B's chunks because they beat Faction B. They haven't beaten you yet so they don't get your chunks.

    Q. Someone declared war on me. As the defender, how do I know what MY wargoal is if I win?
    A. Pick any applicable one. As long as you specify what you want at the start it will count.

    General FAQ

    Q. Can I use TNT and TNT cannons?
    A. Yes, but only to siege enemy bases. Don't blow buildings up or destroy structures. Use TNT to break into enemy bases and to fight battles, do not use it just to grief. As a rule of thumb, if you can explain how using TNT to do something helps you kill the enemy players nearby, you'll be allowed to do it. If you're doing it just to ruin their base or just to destroy something, don't do it.

    Q. Can I fire TNT cannons at enemy bases while they're all offline?
    A. No. Only use TNT to attack bases if the enemy is online, and remember the griefing rules. Would you like logging in to find the enemy has already blown through all your defences and you had no chance to fight them off?

    Q. Can I steal things during wars?
    A. If it's in a chest, yes. If it is a placed block, no. There are some exceptions: you can steal the following blocks: Diamond blocks, Iron Blocks, Gold Blocks, TNT, Anvils, Enchanting Tables and Potion Stands. As a rule of thumb, if the block is for decoration you can't take it. Diamond and Iron blocks can be decoration, but then people would just make all their iron and diamond into "decorations" and "redecorate" when they decide they need those diamonds for armour and weapons, so you can steal those all you want.

    Q. I killed an enemy in his bedroom and he respawned next to me. Can I keep killing him?
    A. No. Don't spawn camp. As long as the enemy player stays still you can't kill them again. If they try to run away, try to fight you, or try to access chests, you can kill them again.

    Q. The enemy faction has shops and I can't loot their chests because the plugin won't let me. That isn't fair: they have diamonds for sale! I want my war loot.
    A. If you find any enemy chests you can't get into because they made the chest into a shop, ask a moderator to break it open for you. We can't make the shop plugin talk to the faction plugin, so the shops don't recognise that you're at war. Moderators can override that and open the chest manually for you. Enemy players must be online for us to do this, though: we won't allow you to declare war on an offline faction just to loot their diamond/iron shops before they can react!

    Q. I keep getting hurt when breaking blocks in someone's land. Why?
    A. Each block broken deals .5 damage to the player who broke it. This gives defenders a slight advantage when defending a fort.

    V. Making Money
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    You make money on this server by either mining stone, gravel or sand (which pay $1, 0.5 and 0.5 respectively) or selling certain items to the Server Shop, which is located on the same island as the Safe Zone.

    Shop prices
    Diamond: 50
    Iron: 25
    Redstone: 1
    Coal: 3
    Emerald: 50
    Gold: 100
    Lapis: 5
    Obsidian: 10

    Smooth: .75
    Dirt: 0.5
    Gravel: 0.5

    Voting for the Server:
    300-500$ a day
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