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About Minecraft Center

Minecraft Center is a Grand Strategy multiplayer experience developed for Minecraft. Set in the mystical world of Sendera, players must overcome adversity by establishing settlements, forging alliances, waging wars, and battling hordes of mobs in the meantime. With a unique blend of battle-balancing plugins, custom maps, and a mature international community, Minecraft Center distinguishes itself from the competition to provide a truly engaging warfare experience for everyone.

Today's Featured Article


The Most Serene City of Venucci is a coastal city-state located on the south-western edge of Artania. Built off-shore on a series of submerged stilts and foundations, the city is an impressive stroke of architectural brilliance and perseverance, dotted with many ornate buildings and landmarks such as the Santa Maria del Venucci, a grand cathedral that is seemingly floating in the sea. Venucci is a wealthy city of trade, well trafficked by merchant ships that bring their goods from the Far East.

The Most Serene City takes pride in its status as an independent city-state, complete with political and economic autonomy...

Server Status

NvN Server ( ONLINE
Current World: Sendera (V).
Collab Server ( ONLINE
The Forums are: ONLINE.

Latest Updates and Announcements

Rules & Gameplay

Minecraft Center Rules

  • Before reading anything else, please take a moment to familiarize yourself with the rules that govern both the Forums and the Server. Many of the rules of conduct, content, as well as information regarding any in-game modifications (mods), may be found here.

PvP Server Guide

  • This guide is designed to give you a brief description of the plugins that are in use, details on how they may effect your gameplay, as well as how to use them to their fullest potential.

PvP Server Plugins and Commands

  • This is a general list of in-game commands that may be used to interact with many of the plugins used on the server.

Permitted Mods and Plugins

  • In order to maintain balanced play and to discourage cheating, Minecraft Center prohibits the use of any client-side mods that allow for an unfair advantage. A published list of MCC-sanctioned mods and plugins may be found here.

Collaborative Server

  • Looking for a more relaxed gamemode with less politics and more building? Grab a few friends and battle the elements as you work together to forge your name into legend in this bare-bones MCC server!

World Lore and Locations

The World of Sendera

  • Sendera is a world of scattered continents and varied landscapes. Its main continent, Ismatar, is the center of the known world, home to all manner of people and societies. Across the sea, however, lies Orozand, a once-pristine land of divine beauty that has since become devoid of civilization.
See also: IsmatarOrozand

PvP Server History (Factions Server)

  • A historical overview of all past conflicts and events on the server. This is regularly updated, to ensure accuracy.


  • A brief summary of the many religions that are role played on the server. Please note that these religions are all part of roleplay and are in no way intended to be taken seriously outside of the game.

List of Nations

  • A list of nations found on Ismatar, as well as the cities that they govern. Independent city-states are included here. More information on creating your own city or nation can be found in the PvP Server Guide. Cities and nations cannot be founded on Orozand.

Minecraft Center Community

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Wiki Guide
This guide is an excellent tool in familiarizing yourself with wiki structure.

Minecraft Wiki

  • The Minecraft Wiki is a great reference for all of your Minecraft needs. Be sure to check the "Upcoming Features" often to see what's being planned for the game.

Total War Center

  • The Total War Center, or TWC, is our sister website, and it is where Minecraft Center got its start. A vast gaming community, TWC is a haven for fans of the Total War series, as well as other wartime RPGs.

Minecraft Center Facebook Page/Twitter/YouTube

  • To keep yourself up to date with all the latest updates from Minecraft Center, "Like" us on Facebook! You can also follow us on Twitter or YouTube as well!

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