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Rules and Plugins

1. PvP Server Rules

  • Before reading anything else, please take a moment to familiarize yourself with the rules of the PvP Server. Many of the rules of conduct, content, as well as information regarding any mods may be found here.

2. PvP Server Guide

  • The PvP Server is heavily governed by a variety of plugins, which facilitate many of the mechanics that make this server unique. This guide is designed to give you a brief description of the plugins that are in use, details on how they may effect your gameplay, as well as how to use them to their fullest potential.

3. PvP Server Plugins and Commands

  • This is a general list of in-game commands that may be used to interact with many of the plugins used on the server.

Faction Information

1. PvP Kingdoms List

  • This is a list of player-made kingdoms that have ever existed on the PvP server, past and present. Whether you're looking for a faction, trying to read up on a particular faction's history, or simply interested in forming your own kingdom, this is the page for you. More information on making your own faction can be found in the PvP Server Guide.

2. PvP Server History

  • A historical overview of all past wars on the PvP server. This is regularly updated, to ensure accuracy.

3. Religions

  • A brief summary of the many religions that are role played on the PvP server. Please note that these religions are all part of roleplay and are in no way intended to be taken seriously outside of the game.

Map Information

1. Dynamic Server Map

  • This is a dynamic map that shows a bird's eye view of the server and all of its buildings, updated in real-time. Note that this map does not show the movements or positions of players or mobs, nor does it provide a view into underground structures. A map of the nether is also included.

2. Cartographed Faction Map

  • This map provides a view of faction territories that have been claimed on the map, based on the division of regions. If you'd like to submit a request for your region claims, please do so in this thread. Please read the rules regarding land claims before posting your request.

3. The Terra Atlas Project

  • The Terra Atlas Project is a collaborative effort to create an in-depth road map of the server, marking certain roads, cities, and other points of interest. This project is ongoing; any questions or comments can be directed to LukasV on the Minecraft Center Forum.

Pages of Interest

1. Minecraft Wiki

  • The Minecraft Wiki is a great reference for all of your Minecraft needs, be it information on how to craft certain blocks or devices, where to find specific resources, or even a simple comparison on which foods are better than others. Be sure to check the "Upcoming Features" often to see what's being planned for the game.

2. Total War Center

  • The Total War Center, or TWC, is our sister website, and it is where Minecraft Center got its start. A vast gaming community, TWC is a haven for fans of the Total War series, as well as other wartime RPGs. Visit the community forum, chat with a few people about almost anything, or even pick up an interest in other games out there; the people are friendly and you're almost guaranteed to have a good time.

3. Minecraft Center Facebook Page/Twitter

  • To keep yourself up to date with all the latest updates from Minecraft Center, "Like" us on Facebook! You can also follow us on Twitter as well!

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